Page 10 - Mann Ki Baat - English May 2022
P. 10

Santhali community. Shripati Tudu
        ji asserts that our Constitution
        makes every citizen of our country
        aware of one’s rights and duties.
        Therefore, it is important for
        every citizen to be familiar with it.
        Therefore, he prepared a copy of
        the Constitution in his own script
        for the Santhali community and
        offered it as a gift. I appreciate this
        thinking of Shripati ji and his efforts.
        This is a living example of the spirit
        of ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’. You
        will  also  find  information  about
        many  such  efforts  furthering this
        spirit, on the website of ‘Ek Bharat   The Constitution of India in ‘Ol Chiki’ script (Santhali)
        Shreshtha Bharat’. Here, you will
        get to know about activities on    this will give you information
        many such subjects including       about your country, and you will
        food, art, culture, tourism. You can   also experience the diversity of the
        also take part in these activities,   country.

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