Page 5 - Mann Ki Baat - English May 2022
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My dear countrymen, Namaskar

        Today, once again through ‘Mann    be surprised to know that out
        Ki Baat’, I have got an opportunity   of our total Unicorns, forty-four
        to  meet  you  all; millions of  my   came up last year. Not only this,
        family members. I welcome all of   14 more Unicorns were formed
        you to ‘Mann Ki Baat’. A few days   anew in the last 3-4 months.
        ago, the country has made an       This means that even during
        achievement, which inspires all    the global pandemic,  our  start-
        of us. It instills a new confidence   ups have been creating wealth
        in India’s potential. You must     and value. The average annual
        be feeling happy on hearing        growth rate of  Indian Unicorns
        the century of a batsman of        is more than those of USA, UK
        Team  India  on  the  cricket  field.   and  many  other  countries.
        However,  India has  scored a      Analysts say that in the coming
        century  in  another  field  and  it   years, there will be a sharp spike
        is very special. On the 5  of this   in these numbers. The good
        month, the number of Unicorns in   thing is that our Unicorns are
        the country has reached the 100    diversifying. They are operating
        mark and you surely know that      in many fields like E-commerce,
        a unicorn is a start-up worth at   Fin-Tech,  Ed-Tech,  Bio-Tech.
        least seven and a half thousand    Another thing that I consider
        crore rupees. The total valuation   more important is that the world
        of these Unicorns is more than     of start-ups is reflecting the spirit
        330 billion dollars, that is, more   of New India. Today, India’s start-
        than 25 lakh  crore rupees.        up ecosystem is not limited to
        Certainly, this is a matter of pride   just big cities; entrepreneurs are
        for every Indian. You will also    emerging from smaller cities and

        Destination India: Gateway To Growth – A Roundtable On Indian Startup Ecosystem Held In Dubai
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