Page 6 - Mann Ki Baat - English May 2022
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towns as well. This shows that in   Sridhar Vembu ji has recently
        India, one who has an innovative   received the Padma Shri Award.
        idea can create wealth.            He   himself  is  a  successful
                                           entrepreneur, but now, he has
        Friends, behind this success of
                                           also taken upon himself the task
        the country, the youth power
                                           of grooming other entrepreneurs.
        of the land, the talent and the
                                           Shridhar  ji  has  started  his
        government here, all are putting
                                           work from a rural area. He is
        in efforts together… everyone is
                                           encouraging the rural youth to
        contributing. But another thing
                                           work in this area, while staying in
        that is important in the world of
                                           the villages itself. We also have
        start-ups is right mentoring, that
                                           people  like  Madan  Padaki,  who
        is, right guidance. A good mentor
                                           had  created  a  platform  named
        can take a start-up to new
                                           1Bridge in 2014, to encourage rural
        heights… can guide the founders
        in  every  way
                                                           Today, 1Bridge
        towards    the
                                                           is present in
        right  decision.  I
                                                           more      than
        am proud that
                                                           75 districts of
        there are many
                                                           southern  and
        such   mentors
                                                           eastern  India.
        in  India  who
                                                           More      than
        have dedicated
                                                           9,000     rural
        themselves to
        promote start-
                                                           associated with
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