Page 7 - Mann Ki Baat - English May 2022
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it are providing their services to
        rural consumers. Meera Shenoy ji
        is also one such example. She is
        doing remarkable work in the field
        of Market Linked Skills Training for
        rural, tribal and disabled youth.
        I have mentioned only a few
        names here, but today, there is
        no dearth of mentors among us.
        It is a matter of great happiness
        for us that today, a complete
        support system is evolving in the
        country for start-ups. I am sure
        that in the times to come, we will
        get to see a new flight of progress
        in the start-up world of India.
        Friends, a few days ago, I found
        an interesting and attractive
        thing which is full of colours of the
        creativity of the countrymen and             Thanjavur Doll
        their artistic talent. It is a gift sent
        to me by a self-help group from    Self-Help Group for sending me
        Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This gift   this gift imbued in the local culture.
        bears the fragrance of Indianness   In a way, friends, this Thanjavur
        and the blessings of Matri-Shakti   Doll besides being beautiful
        – a glimpse of her affection for   that it is, is also scripting a new
        me. This is a special Thanjavur    saga of women empowerment.
        Doll, which also has a GI Tag. I   Women’s self-help groups stores
        specially thank the Thanjavur      and kiosks are also opening up

                         Prime Minister at a self-help group exhibition
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