Page 8 - Mann Ki Baat - English May 2022
P. 8

in Thanjavur. Because of this, the   like Thanjavur Doll and Bronze
        lives of many poor families have   Lamp, these women self-help
        been transformed. With the help    groups also craft toys, mats and
        of such kiosks and stores, women   artificial  jewellery.  Due  to  such
        are now able to sell their products   stores, the sales of GI products
        directly  to  the  customers.  The   as well as handicraft products
        initiative  has  been   named      have  seen  a  significant  rise.
        ‘Tharagaigal Kaivinai Porutkal     Through  this  campaign,  not  only
        Virpanai    Angadi’.  The  special   have  the  artisans  got  a  fillip,
        thing is that 22 self-help groups   but the women are also getting
        are associated with this initiative.   empowered by a rise in their
        You would also be happy to know    income.  I also urge the listeners
        that these stores of women self-   of ‘Mann Ki Baat’… find out which
        help groups have opened at very    women self-help groups are
        prime locations in Thanjavur.      working in your area. You should
        Women themselves are taking        also collect information about
        full  responsibility  of their  upkeep   their products and use these
        as well. Apart from GI products    products as much as possible. By
                                                    doing this, you will not
                                                    only help in increasing
                                                    the income of the self-
                                                    help groups, but will
                                                    also give impetus to
                                                    the ‘Self-reliant India
                                                    Friends, our country is a
                                                    rich treasure-house of
                                                    many       languages,

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